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SunBlaster LED 6400K HO Strip Light

SunBlaster LED 6400K HO Strip Light

Perfect for indoor growing enthusiasts, SunBlaster LED Strip Lights are designed to maximize performance, economy and longevity.

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights™ utilize patented Self-Cooling Technology (SCT).

Self-Cooling Technology allows maximum lighting output without creating unwanted heat, eliminating the need for costly cooling system.

These High Outpuet LED lights produce a 6400K light spectrum, excellent for maximizing vegetative growth.

Each light strip comes complete and ready to use, featuring; 6ft power cord w/ integral on/off rocker switch; 2 flush mount clips and 2 hanging clips.


18" fixture features 36 HPF LEDS, using 18W of electricity. (P/N 0900701)

24” fixture features 48 HPF LEDS, using 24W of electricity. (P/N 0900702)

48” fixture features 96 HPF LEDS, using 48W of electricity. (P/N 0900704)


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