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Red Plastic Mulch

Red Plastic Mulch

USDA and university researchers have found that red mulch enhances the growth and yield of several vegetable crops, including tomatoes. The color of the mulch changes the intensity of certain wavelengths of light, and the modified light increases plant growth and yields. Trials have shown tomato yields to be as much as 20% higher using SRM-Red® mulch than using black plastic mulch. Results, however, will vary from year to year.  Red mulch reflects intensified red light to developing plants, which increases their photosynthetic capacity. Leaf cover is reduced early in the season, so more of the mulch is exposed to light, and more light is reflected to the plants.  SRM-Red® is a high quality, durable plastic that is 1.0 mil thick and lies well over flat or raised beds. It has season-long integrity and is easily removed from the field after harvest.


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