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Inflation Unit Outside Air Kits

Inflation Unit Outside Air Kits

Our Outside Air Kits mount to the air intake ports on our 60CFM and 148CFM Inflation Kits to provide a source a fresh, outside air to inflate double poly greenhouses.

Using cooler, dry air from outside of your greenhouse for inflation pressure will reduce moisture build up between the layers, and will prevent greenhouse chemicals from reaching the inside surfaces of the double poly layer.

The 148CFM Outside Air Kit uses a 4" ID flexible vinyl duct with a lightweight, UV resistant, screened intake flange.  Vinyl duct attaches to the intake damper of our 148CFM blower units with no additional hardware required.

The 60CFM Outside Air Kit uses a 1.25" ID flexible ribbed hose with our slotted, twist-lock poly coupler.  60CFM kit requires drilling screw holes into the fan shroud around the fan intake port.


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