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Metallic Plastic Mulch

Metallic Plastic Mulch

This unique reflective mulch may provide an alternative to certain pesticides, as university trials have shown it to reduce certain insect populations. Researchers theorize that the metallic quality of this mulch confuses certain insects, perhaps because the light reflection disorients them.

Our Metallic Mulch is a 1.25 MIL Smooth polyethylene with an aluminum face and black backing.

Available in solid and striped variants.  The Striped Metallic Mulch features an un-coated black stripe down the center for planting.

Multiple sizes available to suit your needs.

Striped Metallic Mulch is available in 4FT x 600FT, 4FT x 2000FT, and 4FT x 4000FT lengths only.


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