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Kwik Grow Seed Tray Heaters

Kwik Grow Seed Tray Heaters

Kwik Grow seed tray heaters are safe, simple, and professional quality. They are designed to generate exceptionally uniform, gentle heat that is ideal for germinating seeds. Many other home garden heat mats contain wire coils, so the mats have hot and cool spots. In contrast, Kwik Grow mats distribute heat evenly over the mat and generate warmth continuously.

Heaters may be left on safely, and seed trays can be placed directly on the surface of the heat mat. Insulation may be placed under the heaters to maximize energy efficiency, but this is not necessary. Soil temperatures should be monitored with a soil thermometer. If a lower temperature is required, the seed tray can be raised slightly above the heater using thin shims (not supplied).

Mats are equipped with ACLI plugs as an extra safety feature.

Available in two sizes:
Single Tray Mat (12” x 21”), 24 Watts
Two Tray Mat (22” x 21”), 40 Watts


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