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Home Garden Irrigation Kit

Home Garden Irrigation Kit

The Ken-Bar Home Garden Irrigation Kit helps you save both time and water.  Perfect for use under our Plastic Mulch for trouble-free watering, ideal for your small to medium garden.

Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the root zone of your plants avoiding waste and runoff. Drip irrigation systems like this one use up to 50% less water than conventional hand watering.

Kit includes all components for operation and is customizable to fit your garden layout.  Kit includes materials to construct a six-bed garden, roughly 50ft x 50ft.

The drip tube is punched at 12" increments and the system is highly configurable to your garden layout.

Kit includes:

  • 10 PSI Pressure Regulator
  • 100 Micron Filter
  • Garden Hose Adapter
  • 2 Elbows
  • 5 Tees
  • 6 Drip Tape Line End Caps
  • 300 ft of Drip Tape, 5/8", 10 mil., 0.4 gpm per 100ft
  • 50 ft of un-punched header tape, 5/8", 15 mil.


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