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11 in. High Temp Agritape Heat Mat

11 in. High Temp Agritape Heat Mat

The Agritape High Temp Heat Mat Kit is our money-saving bundle that includes our 11"x4 ft. High Temp Agritape heat mat paired with our AT-Jr controller. These heat mats reach higher temperatures than a standard heat mat, allowing you to germinate seeds in cool areas and achieve warmer soil temperatures. It is an excellent tool for small growers who start seeds in cool basements rather than greenhouses.

Seedless watermelon growers appreciate that this mat easily reaches the 90° F soil temperature that triploid melons require for germination.

High Temp Agritape generates 35 watts per linear foot, 60% more heating power than our standard Agritape!

Available in 11"x4ft lengths, perfect for starting two flats of seeds, available with or without our AT-Jr temperature controller.

Note: Designed for use in air temperatures below 55° F or when soil temperatures over 80° F are needed. To avoid soil drying, germinate seeds in 128 cell plug trays or in larger pots or cells. Please use a standard heat mat for proper germination in smaller cell sizes and all other temperature conditions.


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