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Heat Mat Controllers

Heat Mat Controllers

Heavy duty aluminum-housed controllers allow you to select desired soil temperature from 40-100° F. as measured with a copper sensor probe.

The AT-1 controls up to 120 sq. feet of Agritape with a 20 amp maximum capacity. The AT-Jr handles up to 80 sq. feet of material with a 15 amp capacity.  Thermostats feature an easy to adjust temperature dial and a bulb sensor with a 2-foot lead. A light indicates when the heat mats are on, and a ground wire connects to the screen that provides system ground.

The AT-1 offers four power outlets to connect heaters, while the AT-Jr has two outlets. Additional heat mats can be added by using a suitable plug-in multi-outlet strip (not provided) in one of the controllers receptacles. An attractive brushed aluminum finish and quality components assure years of service.

The Precise Controller provides an affordable entry-point to our Agritape line of products, utilizing a rugged plastic enclosure.  Rated for up to 80 sq. feet of Agritape, this controller features a single "piggyback" outlet, but can be expanded with the use of a separate power strip (not supplied).

The full line of Ken-Bar temperature controllers feature rugged, mechanical internal components, reducing the risk of failures associated with many of the digital temperature controllers on the market.  All controllers are safe for greenhouse applications, but care should be taken to avoid water intrusion. 


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