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Black Plastic Mulch

Black Plastic Mulch

SRM Black Plastic Mulch modifies the micro-climate around plants, enhancing growth, yield, and quality of horticultural crops.  The mulch's color prevents light transmission, which in turn prevents weed growth under the material.  Under black plastic mulch, soil is warmed 3-5°F at depths of 2 to 6”.  This is the area of greatest root growth early in the season, and the increased heat accelerates root and plant growth.

Plastic mulch is impervious to water, so soil moisture evaporates only through planting holes. Less water is needed to keep plants healthy and also prevents nutrient runoff during periods of excessive rain.

Our Black Plastic mulch is flexible and stretchable, so it conforms to both flat and raised beds. It is strong enough for double cropping in the same season and possibly for use over two seasons. Field removal is easy.

SRM Black Mulch is 1.0 mil high density embossed polyethylene, available in assorted widths and lengths, see options below.

50ft and 100ft rolls are folded/gusseted and rolled for shipping.

Rolls over 100ft in length are shipped on standard 3.00" ID paper cores for use with mechanical mulch layers.


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