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Specialty Plastic Mulches

Specifically designed to benefit certain crops!

Brown Mulch: Growers have been asking us for a product that will give them higher soil temperatures than black mulch, while giving them better weed control than olive mulch. This embossed 1mil. thick, brown mulch offers you both of these benefits, allowing for earlier and increased yields with added weed protection. Brown mulch is available in 4' x 600' and 4' x 2400' rolls.

Blue Mulch: Blue plastic mulch adds the same benefits as black plastic mulch, but with different reflective light properties. This light reflection has shown in trials to increase yields in Summer Squash, Cucumbers, and Melons up to 20%. Research has also shown that blue mulch produces slightly higher soil temperatures compared to black mulch. Recommended for use on a trial basis. 1 mil. embossed. Blue mulch is available in 4' x 600', 4' x 2400' and 4' x 4000' rolls.

Standard Red Mulch: Red plastic mulch has been shown in USDA tests to increase production of first quality early tomatoes in Northern areas of the country. (Red mulch is not recommended for use in warmer, Southern areas, as no additional production increases has been shown in tests.) This increase has resulted from the film reflecting far-red light up into the plant. A color sensitive protein within the tomato plant that regulates plant growth and development is triggered during the reflecting period. We recommend that you use this mulch on a trial basis. Works great for Strawberries too. Mulch is embossed, 1.0 mil. Standard red mulch is available in 4' x 600', 4' x 2400' and 4' x 4000' rolls.

Metallic Mulch: Metallic mulch has provided important benefits in field tests. Benefits include reduction of virus-vectoring aphids on cucurbits (melons, squash and cucumbers) and decreased viral infection, thus increasing the percentage of marketable fruit. A tomato test showed reduction of silverleaf whitefly populations, decreasing incidence of tomato mottle virus. The silver color of this mulch seems to confuse certain insects, because the light reflection disorients them. Metallic Mulch is also available with 8" black strip down the middle for increased soil temperatures around young transplants. It is recommended that Metallic mulch be used on a trial basis. Smooth 1.25 mil. Metallic mulch is available in 4' x 600', 4' x 2400' and 4' x 4000' rolls.

White on Black Mulch: White plastic faces upward, keeping soil temperatures down while increasing the amount of light available to the plant. The black plastic underside allows less light to reach the soil, which helps to control weeds. The coextruded white-on-black mulch can decrease soil temperatures up to 12° F, even as it reflects light back into the plant canopy. Great for cool loving crops like cabbage and broccoli. White on black mulch is available in 4' x 600' and 4' x 2400' rolls.