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Solar Plastic Mulch

Advantages of Solar mulch
  • Durability from 1.0 mil, embossed high density plastic mulch film.
  • Earlier and higher yields than black mulch. Melon yields have shown 25% increases in trials.
  • Soil warming of 8 - 10° F.
  • Weed control.
  • Easy field removal at end of season.
  • Conservation of water and soil nutrients.

Grow larger earlier melons!

Our exclusive formulization, Ken-Bar's Solar Mulch is a "hybrid" product that provides the best qualities of both clear and black mulches. Solar Mulch offers the increased soil warming of clear mulch, along with the weed suppression of black mulch. By utilizing a carefully balanced blend of polyethylene with a specific light modifying pigment, Solar Mulch transmits near infra-red radiation to heat the soil while it simultaneously blocks PAR (photosynthetic active radiation that is responsible for the vigorous weed growth under clear mulch). Therefore, Solar Mulch generates almost as much heat as clear mulch and suppresses weeds like black mulch. This is a win-win development for growers.

Solar is great for heat loving crops like cantaloupe, watermelon, and other cucurbits. For maximum weed suppression, plastic should be laid soon after tilling the soil.

Solar embossed mulch is available in rolls of 4'x4000, 4' x 2400', 4' x 600' and retail cases of 4'x50. 1.0 mil high density polyethylene.