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Retail Black and Red Plastic Mulch

Advantages of Plastic mulch
  • Reduces weeding.
  • Increase yields.
  • Reduction of soil moisture evaporation for less watering.
  • Reduces runoff of nutrients and fertilizers.
  • Great impulse sale item.

Sell with your vegetable transplant and seed sales

Black Plastic Mulch modifies the micro-climate around plants, enhancing the growth, yield, and quality of horticultural crops. The mulch's color prevents light transmission, which in turn prevents weed growth under the material. Plastic mulch is impervious to water, so soil moisture evaporates only through planting holes. Less water is needed to keep plants healthy and also prevents nutrient runoff during periods of excessive rain.

USDA and university researchers have found that SRM-Red® Mulch enhances the growth and yield of several vegetable crops, including tomatoes. The color of the mulch changes the intensity of certain wavelengths of light, and the modified light increases plant growth and yields. Trials have shown tomato yields to be as much as 20% higher using SRM-Red® mulch than using black plastic mulch. Results, however, will vary from year to year.

Solar Mulch is a "hybrid" product that provides the best qualities of both clear and black mulches. Solar Mulch offers the increased soil warming of clear mulch, along with the weed suppression of black mulch. Solar Mulch is great for heat loving crops like cantaloupe, watermelon, and other cucumbers. For maximum weed suppression, plastic should be laid soon after tilling the soil.

Metallic Mulch is unique reflective mulch may provide an alternative to certain pesticides, as university trials have shown it to reduce certain insect populations. Researchers theorize that the metallic quality of this mulch confuses certain insects, perhaps because the light reflection disorients them.

White on Black Mulch helps keep soil temperatures down while increasing the amount of light available to the plant. The black plastic underside allows less light to reach the soil, which helps to control weeds. The coextruded white-on-black mulch can decrease soil temperatures up to 12° F, even as it reflects light back into the plant canopy.

SRM-Red® Plastic Mulch is available in 4'x30' (25ct case) and 4'x100' (16ct case)

Black Plastic Mulch is available in 4'x50' (25ct case) and 4'x100' (16ct case)

Solar Plastic Mulch is available in 4'x50' (25ct case)

Metallic Plastic Mulch is available in 4'x50' (25ct case)

White on Black Plastic Mulch is available in 4'x50' (25ct case)