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Precise Heat Mats

Precise Heat Mats

Precise Heat Mats:
  • Built in adjustable thermostat.
  • Affordable and effective for the small grower and gardener.
  • Built in GFCI.
  • Mats are 11" wide and available in 4' and 8' lengths.
  • 11" wide mats fit most standard seed trays.
Heat mat and thermostat in one!

Agritape Precise Heat Mats are designed for small commercial growers and gardeners. The heater consists of an Agritape heating element (11 inches wide by either 4 or 8 feet long) and a built-in adjustable dial thermostat. A GFCI (ground fault sensing) plug turns the heater off if there is any current leakage. A grounded screen is not necessary. The efficient design of this heater provides a professional quality, adjustable heat source at a reasonable price. The Precise Heat Mat is self-contained and can be easily rolled up for storage.

The Precise Heat Mat uses 20 watts of energy per foot, allows for precise temperature adjustment, and distributes heat evenly over the entire surface. The control unit has a 2-foot capillary tube with a temperature sensor bulb to insert into the soil. The thermostat dial can be set to any desired soil temperature, and the GFCI plug works with any standard wall outlet. Seed trays can be placed directly on the tape.