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Advantages of Garden Tunnel Kits:
  • Protection from frost, for planting up to 2 weeks earlier.
  • Increased soil temperature for better root development.
  • Protection from wind and insects.
  • Versatility to fit your garden layout.
  • Compatibility with drip irrigation.
  • Peforated holes allow for ventilation of excessive heat and moisture.

Plant your garden up to 2 weeks earlier!

Ken-Bar's Garden Tunnels allow gardeners to plant crops an extra two weeks earlier, or grow lettuce and greens into the late fall and early winter. By warming the soil in the spring, garden tunnels help plants mature up to 2 weeks earlier than normal. The extra heat can increase yields, and tunnels protect crops from garden pests. At the end of the season, tunnels protect plants from frost and wind damage, so gardeners can harvest later. Unlike pre-assembled tunnels, our kits allow gardeners to custom-build tunnels to fit any garden layout. To create a tunnel, simply place support wires every 4-5' and stretch covering over supports. Place soil along the edges of the cover to secure it to the ground.

Ken-Bar Garden Tunnel Kits are available in lengths of 50' and 100'. Replacement covers are available in 100' rolls, without the wire hoops. 50' Tunnel Kit includes 12 of the 54" 10 gauge support wires. 100' Tunnel Kit includes 24 of the 54" 10 gauge support wires.