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Flora-Flow™ Irrigation Mats

Advantages of Flora-Flow™
  • Eliminates most weeds.
  • Controlled watering.
  • Increase yields.
  • Prevents soil and fertilizer leaching.
  • Easy to install.
  • Built-in layout and plant marker blocks.
  • 100% recyclable.

Your watering and weeding solution!

Flora-Flow™ is for the everyday gardener who needs efficient, labor-saving gardening solutions to grow more fruits and vegetables with limited space and even more limited time.

Unlike mulches or soaker hoses, Flora-Flow™ provides a custom, combined solution previously only available to large growers. The combination of plastic mulch and drip irrigation gives your garden what it needs: warm, protected topsoil, controlled watering and a virtually weed-free environment to grow more with less effort.


Width: 4 feet
Mat Material: Black or Red: UV-resistant Polyethylene, 1.5mil thickness
Drip Tape: Mats are available with single or double line drip tape. Tape has 12" emitter spacing, 0.25 GPH flow rating, 8 mil wall thickness uses standard Tape-Loc type drip irrigation fittings. A low cost solution for low flow gardens.
Pre-Perforated Mats: 2.5" diameter holes partially punched every 6"

Flora Flow™ Mats: Available in rolls of 50' (9ct case), 100' (8ct case) and 200' (3ct case)
Connector Kits: Pressure Regulator Kit (24ct case), Universal Connector Kit (24ct case)
Flora Flow™ 8', Three Minutes A Day Garden Bed Kits: Available in bulk plain packaging (30ct Case) or point of purchase packaging (12ct case)

Product Details

Flora Flow™ Mats come in three sizes and colors. All mats have drip tape, warning strips to indicate where the drip tape is adhered, and markings 6" from the edge. The edge marking can serve as a burial guide if you plan on burying the edge of the mat. All are four feet wide. Mats are perforated and have 2.5" diameter hole perforations every six inches. You can remove, or leave the holes in place to vary plant spacings in six inch increments. For example, remove every other perforated hole to have 12" plant spacing, etc. Each mat has a two by four inch marking block every two feet so you can make field notes on what variety is planted, and when it was planted.