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Eskay-Lite Vinyl Covering

Suggested uses for Eskay-Lite clear vinyl covering:
  • Greenhouse ends where maximum visual impact is important.
  • Sales areas where products can be seen easily from the outside.
  • Enclosures that require a plastic more rigid than polyethylene film.
  • Portable enclosures where transparency is desirable.

Provides a clear view for sales areas!

Eskay-Lite is crystal clear, 16-mil vinyl covering to be used as a greenhouse cover where appearance and visibility are important. Used on the ends and sides of polyethylene greenhouses, Eskay-Lite is attractive and allows customers to see into the structures. This material is treated to be flexible to -40° F and has a U.V. inhibitor that gives a 4 year life under most conditions.

One layer of Eskay-Lite provides good transparency and is sufficient in all but the coldest of climates. Installation is simple, and the material resists wrinkling and sagging.

Eskay-Lite is a very attractive product that adds a dimension of warmth and beauty to greenhouses and sales areas.

Eskay-Lite measures 54" wide and is available in rolls of 20', 50', or 225' length.