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Available in standard and custom punches!

Ken-Bar's poly convection tubing is available in either 4 or 6-mil plastic. The clear polyethylene is protected with a strong ultraviolet inhibitor. The plastic is formulated for maximum light penetration and for durability in a greenhouse environment. Each tube is guaranteed to support the cubic feet / minute output of the fan for which it is designed. If there is a problem, the tubing will be replaced immediately. The 4-mil tubing is guaranteed for 1 year and the 6-mil for 3 years.

Ken-Bar provides the proper hole diameter and spacing to conform to fan manufacturers' specifications. A properly designed tube will make full use of the fan's output by distributing air evenly down the length of the greenhouse. If we know the length of the house and the diameter of the fan, we can custom design the tube. Punch position can be varied as shown below to provide the best possible air flow for each situation.

Convection Tubing is available in diameters of 12", 18", 20", 24", 30", and 4-mil. rolls up to 1500' long and 6-mil. rolls up to 1000' long.

Convection Tubing Punch Positions

For Heating
Convection Tubing for Greenhouse Heating
Lateral Airflow
Convection Tubing for Greenhouse Airflow
Convection Tubing for Greenhouse Cooling
Convection Tubing for Greenhouses