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Heat Mat Thermostat Controllers

Thermostat features
  • Two foot soil probe.
  • Pilot light that indicates when the mats are running.
  • Ground wire.
  • Full expandability with a 20 amp power strip.
  • Heavy duty metal casing.

Precise Thermostat features
  • Two foot soil probe.
  • Plastic housing.
  • Great lower cost option.
  • Designed to run only one mat.

Accurate, durable and easy to use!

Control Units
There are three types of control units: AT-1, AT-JR and Precise. The AT-1 controls up to 120 sq. feet of Agritape on a 20-amp service line. The AT-JR is designed for smaller systems and will control up to 80 sq. feet of Agritape. For even smaller germination areas the Precise is a great lower cost option for running a single mat up to 10 sq. feet. Each thermostat features an easy to adjust temperature dial and a bulb sensor with a 2-foot lead. The AT models feature a pilot light that indicates when the heat mats are on, and a ground wire connects to the screen that provides system ground.

The AT-1 offers four receptacles to plug in heaters, the AT-JR has two receptacles and the Precise has one receptacle. On the AT models more mats can be added by using a 20-amp rated plug-in multi-outlet strip (not provided). The AT models also feature an attractive brushed aluminum finish and quality components assure years of service.