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Greenhouse Batten Tape
Batten Tape for Greenhouses
Greenhouse Batten Tape

Batten Tape

Uses for Batten Tape:
  • For attaching plastic covers to greenhouses.
  • For covering the ends of greenhouses, especially around the doors or other openings.
  • For attaching temporary covers over cold frames.
  • For holding down tarps over construction projects.

Quickly fasten plastic and other coverings!

Ken-Bar's vinyl batten tape provides a quick fastening method of stapling plastic film to wood framing, just staple every 4 inches through the tape and the plastic film into the wood. The tape will act as a batten strip to hold the plastic film in place. The tape is very flexible and easy to use - unroll, hold in place, and staple. It is white and contributes to a neat and attractive structure. To remove the plastic film, pull on the tape and the staples will come out. Batten tape is a white vinyl strip 3/4" wide and 1/32" inch thick. It is formulated to resist cold cracking.

Installation Tips:

  • Pull tape taut before stapling.
  • Staple at least every 4 inches, for a tighter seal, staple every 2 inches.
  • Use minimum of 5/16 inch staples.
  • During cold weather, keep the tape in a warm area before use.
  • Use a double line of tape where conditions are very windy.

Ken-Bar Batten Tape is available in rolls of 500' and 1000' in cases of 4 rolls.