Red Plastic Mulch
Agritape Heaters
Low Tunnels

Greenhouse Supplies

High quality supplies for greenhouses and high tunnels. Ken-Bar specializes in double poly inflation units and custom convection tubing that is punched and cut to your specifications. Our high tunnel vents install in minutes and are manufactured right here in the U.S.
Greenhouse and High Tunnel Inflation Kits
Inflation Equipment

Double poly greenhouse inflation units and accessories, double poly can save up to 40% on energy costs.

Greenhouse Supplies - Batten Tape
Batten Tape

For attaching plastic covers to greenhouses and wooden frames. Available in 500' and 1000' rolls.

Eskay Lite Vinyl Greenhouse Supplies
Eskay Lite Vinyl

Crystal clear, 16-mil vinyl covering for greenhouses and wall ends.

Convection Tubing
Convection Tubing

Available in either 4 or 6 Mil, custom punched to your specifications. Choose from 6 different diameters of tubing.

High Tunnel and Greenhouse Vents
Greenhouse/Tunnel Vents

Available in 4 sizes and come with automatic openers. Installs in minutes.