Red Plastic Mulch
Planter Paper
Plastic Mulch

Plastic Mulch

Mulches have been used for years with great results for production of earlier, better quality vegetable harvests. Plastic mulch helps increase soil temperature, retain soil moisture, provide weed control, decrease leaching of fertilizers, and decrease the need for general cultivation around the plants.
Planter Paper
Planters Paper

Biodegradable mulch available in commercial and home garden sizes.

Black Plastic Mulch
SRM Black Plastic Mulch

SRM black is a universal crop mulch in a wide selection of widths and lengths.

Red Plastic Mulch
SRM Red Plastic Mulch

The original university tested formula, increases tomato yields up to 20%.

Solar Plastic Mulch for Sale
Solar Plastic Mulch

Recommended for heat loving crops like melons.

Plastic Mulch for Sale
Specialty Plastic Mulch

A selection of specialty mulches including brown, white, red and metallic mulches.

Flora Flow Irrigation
Flora Flow

Home garden kits that combine drip irrigation with plastic mulch.